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The 6-pound BAG of Armadillo Scram all-natural, granular armadillo repellent is enough Armadillo Scram to protect 3,600 square feet!

  • Unique all-natural repellent that drives unwanted armadillos out of your gardens, lawn and landscapes
  • Easily applied, long-lasting formula contains all-natural, granular ingredients that won’t wash away with rain
  • Works through taste and smell … won’t harm people or animals


Armadillo Scram -- America’s Finest™ all-natural, granular, biodegradable armadillo repellent protects your yard, gardens, lawns from unwanted armadillos where they burrow and create visible damage to landscapes. EPIC’s proprietary blend of all-natural, granular, biodegradable ingredients are specifically designed to reduce and eliminate armadillo activity.


Armadillo Scram is fast-acting, but it may take a few days for armadillos to leave the treated areas. Armadillos commonly come from neighboring properties. They burrow in concealed spots along structures, foundations, driveways, fence lines, rock piles, stumps and brush piles. They are active primarily from twilight through early morning hours in summer. In the winter they may be active only during the day.


Armadillo burrows pose dangers in your landscape. The underground tunnels measure 7 or 8 inches in diameter and can run up to 15 feet long, damaging adjacent plants and endangering your safety crossing softened, collapsible surface soils. Their keen sense of smell leads them to feed mostly on insects often found in ornamental landscapes. Armadillos also eat small amounts of fruit and vegetables.


Armadillo Scram’s long-lasting all-natural, granular, biodegradable formula is specifically designed to reduce and eliminate armadillo activity. It’s dual-action performance makes their foods taste bad and disturbs their digestive system. At the same time, the armadillo’s tunnels and surrounding soil become bad-smelling without compromising your safety and use of the landscape.


Order your 6-pound BAG now! Enough Armadillo Scram all-natural, granular, biodegradable armadillo repellent to protect 3,600 square feet.


Not available in ALABAMA, ALASKA & HAWAII

6-pound BAG of Armadillo Scram granular armadillo repellent

SKU: 17006
  • Unsure about how well Armadillo Scram will work? Try it, with no risk! We guarantee a solution to your armadillo problems and 100% protection from unwanted armadillos in your gardens, lawn, and landscape. We’ll promptly refund your full purchase price if it doesn't work.

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