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Stop Vole Damage!


  • Reduces & Eliminates Voles (field mice)
    from lawns, turf & infested areas

  • Fast-acting formula works by taste and smell

  • Long-Lasting ... won't wash off in rain

  • Environmentally Safe ... won't harm animals, people or plants when used as directed

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Vole Scram™ a proprietary blend of active ingredients makes our formula stronger than other types of repellents just using castor oil. Our biodegradeable formula repels voles and alters their environment in several ways:
1) Food tastes bad & their digestive system is disturbed.

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2) Tunnels, grassy thatch, roots, bulbs & surrounding soil become bad-smelling. Vole Scram™ does not wash off in normal rain and is specifically designed to be long lasting.

Voles (also known as field mice or meadow mice) feed above and below ground plant parts such as foliage, seeds, stems, roots & bulbs. Voles are active day & night - year round. They do not hibernate. Home range is usually 1/4 acre or less.

Is it Vole or Mole Damage? Voles often live along with moles and will travel in mole tunnels and runs. While Voles eat plant material, Moles do not. Moles burrow and make unsightly dirt mounds in turf but will not damage plants by feeding.

Voles are likely responsible for most feeding damage in your garden and landscape plants - not moles. 

Voles are active during the winter season and can create substantial plant and tunneling damage throughout the winter under snow cover. The most effective prevention is to apply Vole Scram™ in late fall / early winter before the snow covers the ground.


VOLE SCRAM is a trademark of EPIC All Natural Granular Repellents. © 2022 Art, Logos are copyrighted & subject to company use. 

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