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Stops Deer Damage Year Round!


  • Trains deer to stay away from protected areas

  • Top-Selling Granular Deer Repellent in the USA!

  • Long Lasting ... won't wash off in rain

  • Environmentally Safe when used properly ... won't harm animals, people or plants when used as directed

  • All-Season Use ... even in winter, great around all gardens

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Deer Scram™ stimulates a strong fear-based response which works by emitting an odor that deer associate with their dead kin. It repels the animals before they nibble on plants & before they begin browsing shrubs and eating flowers. Deer will naturally avoid the area that has been treated and find a different path. It is important to treat Deer Scram™ as a perimeter barrier around the desired area you want protected.


Is it Deer or Rabbit Damage? Deer cause damage by eating some portion of a plant or crop. Other forms of damage include trampling of plants and damage to trees and shrubs caused by antler rubbing. Deer do not have upper incisors (upper front teeth) & when eating they must jerk or tear off the part being eaten. This tearing motion tends to leave ragged ends where the leaves, flowers, or twigs were removed. In contrast, rabbits have both upper and lower incisors and tend to leave very crisp clean cuts, like scissors or a sharp knife.

DEER SCRAM is a trademark of EPIC All Natural Granular Repellents. © 2022 Art, Logos are copyrighted & subject to company use. 

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