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Stop Gopher Damage!


  • Dual-action protection works by taste & smell

  • Stops plants & lawn damage

  • Ready to use ... No mixing or spraying

  • Works in ALL SEASONS ... regardless
    of temperature or climate

  • Environmentally Safe when used properly  ... won't harm animals, people or plants

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Gopher 2023-10-02 at 10.47.11 AM.png

Gopher Scram™ formula repels with dual action protection that is designed to attack a gopher's smell & taste. When Gopher Scram™ is applied, the gopher's entire environment becomes uncomfortable - their food is coated with bad tasting oils; their tunnels fill with disagreeable & unfamiliar odors; and the soil they dig through both tastes and smells bad. It effectively protects gardens & lawns while leaving the ground safe for family and pets.


Is is a Gopher or Mole? Evidence of gopher presence is horseshoe or crescent shaped mounds of soil. In contrast, moles are volcano shaped mounds of soil. Gophers often dig several new holes each day, are rarely seen & are hard to trap. They are most active in spring and summer and there may be between 6 - 8 gophers per acre. Although they are less active during the winter, they do not hibernate.

Gopher Scram™ is safe around your own pets, children & plants - and is a low cost solution to rid your property of gophers. 

An excellent preventative measure! If no gophers are present or you are certain you have driven them out, apply a 36 inch band around your property, or the areas where gophers have been active in spring & fall to prevent gopher activity in your yard.

GOPHER SCRAM is a trademark of EPIC All Natural Granular Repellents. © 2022 Art, Logos are copyrighted & subject to company use. 

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