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Protect Your Gardens
& Landscapes!


  • Trains rabbits to stay away from gardens
    & plants

  • Quickly establishes a band of protection

  • Long-Lasting ... won't wash off in rain

  • Environmentally Safe when used properly ... won't harm animals, people or plants

  • All-Season Use ... ideal around all gardens

Rabbit collection.jpg
Rabbit 2023-10-02 at 10.46.36 AM.png

Rabbit Scram™ stimulates a strong fear-based response which works by emitting an odor that rabbits associate with their dead kin. It repels the animals before they nibble on plants & before they begin browsing shrubs and eating flowers.


Is it Rabbit or Deer Damage? Tell-tale signs of rabbit activity in a garden or yard are: distinctive tracks, pea-sized round droppings, gnaw marks 1 to 2 feet above the ground on trees and shrubs, and plant stems that are cleanly cut through as if with scissors or a sharp knife.

In contrast, deer do not have upper incisors (front teeth) & when eating they must jerk or tear off the part of the plant being eaten. This tearing motion tends to leave ragged ends where the leaves, flowers or twigs were removed.

All Season Use: Rabbits are active all year long. Protect spring growth with early application and reapply during summer. Apply in fall to protect flowers and vegetables. 
A Great Winter Barrier! Works well under fresh snow & can be applied on existing snow cover. Use every 90 days.

RABBIT SCRAM is a trademark of EPIC All Natural Granular Repellents. © 2022 Art, Logos are copyrighted & subject to company use. 

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