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The 3½-pound BAG of Scram for Dogs granular dog repellent is enough Scram for Dogs to protect 2,100 square feet!

  • Protect your family and landscapes from unwanted, alarming and dangerous dogs of all kinds.
  • Repels, prevents and trains dogs from visiting treated areas where you work hard to build yards, lawns, gardens and patios.
  • High-performance product 100% guaranteed to keep dogs away.
  • Easy-to-use all-natural, granular formula … no spraying, no mixing, doesn’t wash off!


Scram for Dogs -- America’s Finest™ granular dog repellent -- deters and trains dogs to retreat and away your valuable landscapes, gardens, patios … and you! Whether dogs are lost, belong to you, are owned by your neighbor or they are feral, you don’t need dogs threatening you and ruining your landscapes.


Scram for Dogs all-natural, granular, biodegradable formula repellent repels your pet and intruding dogs by masking odors that attract dogs to habitually visited areas. Scram for Dogs prevents dogs from digging holes in gardens, near fences, alongside building foundations and at the edge of patios where you’re trying to relax!


Scram for Dogs masks the odors associated with dog urine and feces, which can attract them to your lawn, parksides and gardens where you, your children and your pets can encounter unwanted contact -- and alarm! Don’t let dogs scare you! Keep them away from your home and landscapes.


Scram for Dogs granular dog repellent is 100% guaranteed to keep dogs off your landscape where they can cause serious damage to plants, trees, shrubs, gardens and other locations where you have to spend time and energy picking up the poop they leave behind or repairing the holes they dig.


Scram for Dogs 3½-pound BAG granular dog repellent protects up to 2,100 square feet.


Not available for sale in ALABAMA, ALASKA & HAWAII

3½-pound BAG of Scram for Dogs dog repellent

SKU: 14003
  • Unsure about how well Scram for Dogs will work? Try it, with no risk! We guarantee a solution to your dog problems and 100% protection from dog damage to lawns, gardens, and patios, and we’ll promptly refund your full purchase price if it doesn't work.

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