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The 6-pound BAG of Vole Scram all-natural, granular vole repellent enough Vole Scram to protect 3,600 square feet!

  • Unique all-natural granular repellent that drives out voles from your garden, lawn and landscape
  • Easily applied, long-lasting formula contains all-natural, granular ingredients that won’t wash away with rain
  • Works through taste and smell … won’t harm people or animals when used as directed


Vole Scram -- America’s Finest™ all-natural, granular, biodegradable vole repellent -- is designed and tested to stop, then prevent, damage from tunneling voles. Voles feed above and below ground on plant parts such as foliage, seeds, stems, roots and bulbs. Voles can ruin lawns, golf courses, wooded landscapes, ornamental gardens and ground covers through feeding and their extensive runway and tunnel systems.


Vole Scram repels and gets rid of voles by changing their environment in two ways: Vole Scram makes a vole’s food taste bad and disturbs their digestive system; and Vole Scram makes the soil smell bad where voles live but application is safe for people and pets and will not affect your daily use of your landscape.


Voles are active throughout the year, but because they cause more damage in wintertime, the most effective application period is late fall and early winter before snow cover. Voles’ system of tunnels help them travel through your yard in search of food -- the roots of grass and plants and bulbs -- revealing crevices and cracks in the softened soil surface and exit holes about the size of a golf ball. The combination of the vole runs and holes can cause your yards and gardens to look bad or die, and it can be difficult to navigate the landscape on foot.


Don’t ignore the signs of voles! Once you notice the first vole or damaged plants, apply Vole Scram granular vole repellent to eliminate the local vole population.


Order your 6-pound BAG now! Enough Vole Scram all-natural, granular, biodegradable vole repellent to protect 3,600 square feet.


Not available in ALABAMA, ALASKA & HAWAII

6-pound BAG of Vole Scram granular vole repellent

SKU: 18006
  • Unsure about how well Vole Scram will work? Try it, with no risk! We guarantee a solution to your vole problems and 100% protection from unwanted vole damage to your plantings and ornamentals. We’ll promptly refund your full purchase price if it doesn't work.

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