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The 6-pound BAG of Scram for Cats granular cat repellent is enough Scram for Cats to protect 3,600 square feet!

  • Use in landscaping, gardens and outdoor potted plants to keep cats away
  • Specially formulated and tested to naturally train cats to avoid treated areas without harming pets, people or the environment when used as directed
  • Easy to use-just apply … no spraying, no mixing

Scram for Cats -- America’s Finest™ cat repellent -- provides strong repelling power to eliminate unwanted cats and the unpleasant odors they leave behind. And increasing numbers of feral (wild) cats add to the problem. Feral cats, born from strays, frequently establish lounging and litter box areas within suburban and other settled areas. These cats live in the wild and are uncared for. 


Scram for Cats stops cats from lounging and habitually visiting areas for urinating/defecating without harming pets, people or the environment, when used as directed. EPIC’s specially formulated, granular repellent naturally trains cats to avoid treated areas. Eliminate unwanted cats and unpleasant odors in landscaping, gardens and outdoor potted plants, without harming cats. and other.


Scram for Cats is easy to use -- no mixing, no spraying. Apply all-natural, granular, biodegradable Scram for Cats cat repellent and keep cats away from you!


Order your 6-pound BAG of Scram for Cats now! Protects up to 3,600 square feet.


Not available for sale in ALABAMA, ALASKA & HAWAII

6-pound BAG of Scram for Cats cat repellent

SKU: 152030
  • Unsure about how well Scram for Cats will work? Try it, with no risk! We guarantee a solution to your cat problems and 100% plant protection from cat damage, and we’ll promptly refund your full purchase price if it doesn't work.

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